3rd Children's Council

The West Midlands region’s 3rd Children’s Council took place on Thursday 1st June with 6 children aged between 12 – 15 in attendance. As a reward for their hard work and feedback the group moved on to let off a bit of steam at Ice Quest laser quest centre!

The meeting began with an introduction to the Council for two new members of the group who had not attended before. Emphasising how important it is to them that the Children’s Council meetings are child-led, Family Fostercare Family Workers Tracey and Rachel asked the children who had previously attended to decide who would explain the group’s rule and purpose. One of the girls was keen to do this and she did a great job.

On the agenda for this council meeting was a discussion around a proposed list of summer activities, feedback on some new information sheets that the agency has prepared for the Welcome Boxes and Memory boxes, and a discussion around future topics or activities for the council. The children offered their thoughts and ideas enthusiastically. The gave very useful insight into their attitudes to information and the kind of format they would prefer to receive information in, which will be filtered through Family Fostercare and used to improve the way we communicate all the important information children need to receive from us.

The meeting also discussed the kind of things they would like to do at the council sessions, and some great ideas were put forward around preparing for independence and life skills, which Tracey and Rachel will be following up on in the coming months.

Finally, before the meeting broke up, the children were asked to discussed some ideas for questions that they might light to ask social workers coming for interviews. There were some good (and some not so good but very funny) suggestions, and one of the children in particular was especially keen to hear that there may be the opportunity to sit on the interview panel as children’s representative. (We’ll have more information on that initiative as it unfolds.)

And then it was finally off to Ice Quest for a massive laser shootout – the perfect way to unwind after all that thinking, talking and listening!

Thank you to all the children who attended the 3rd council meeting. It is so encouraging to see our older children making the most of the opportunity to have their say and make a positive contribution towards things that will affect other children in the future. It is wonderful to witness them developing their skills in contributing to discussion based meetings, and playing their part in the forward progress of our agency.