Birds of Prey Family Day

signflying bird
We had a fantastic children and family day out on Wednesday 27th May 2015, when 39 of our Worcestershire and Herefordshire foster families and our fostering team visited the International Centre for birds of prey situated in Newent, Gloucestershire.

This had been an eagerly anticipated event, and the stars of the show most certainly did not disappoint, with their spectacular flying acrobatics and awesome displays of their hunting prowess!

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world. The centre leads the world in the number of species bred in captivity and continues to add to their numbers each year. During the visit we were introduced to a range of species of birds from all over the world, giving us some pretty special lifelong memories in the process.

owlThere were a number of amazing flying demonstrations throughout the day which gave those of us with a photographic interest the chance to take some great photos. The sun shone all day, giving us the perfect opportunity to tour the 11 acres of beautiful gardens and grounds, and the educational aviaries full of exotic birds of prey and owls.

Our hosts at the centre helped to create a wonderful family atmosphere and the day gave our children and families the chance to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves together…. And there was cake – so pretty much the perfect day!

We're guessing from the children's feedback at the end of our visit that they enjoyed, and that we'll be back at the Centre again in the future!:

What an amazing day out, thank you!
I've never seen so many different birds!
We really enjoyed it, thank you.
When's our next day out?!