Children's First Aid Training Day

childrens first aid day

Family Fostercare Yorkshire held a First Aid Training day during February half-term for all foster children and foster carers' own children.

The course was run over 1 day and covered: the D.R.A.B.C Check, bleeding, burns and scalds, action in an emergency, CPR, the recovery position, and choking.

The first aid trainer made the children feel at ease and made the course fun with lots of laughter, even while tackling the hard subject on saving lives. The children all had the opportunity to practice the D.R.A.B.C check and perform CPR on Resusci Anne.

The children were given a walk through of “how to help someone if they are choking”, using both Resusci Anne and a baby doll. Everyone came away with a really sound understanding of the danger for someone if they were choking and how to change the way we help depending on the age of the person.

A strong point which was made clear in the training was the importance of calling 999 and making sure help was on its way. And that if you were making that call making sure that all information was made clear and precise to the telephone operator.

After a full day of learning new skill and taking on lots of new information, we all finished off with a well-earned Pizza and salad dinner, which everyone enjoyed.

All the children who attended the day were awarded a Certificate in First Aid Training and were given a booklet on First aid in an emergency from the St John Ambulance.

Let's hope they never have to use their new skills, but if they do we're sure they'll all make great first aiders.