Clipping N Climbing in Cumbria

Foster carers and children braved new heights at our Clip N Climb activity day on 21st April in Maryport.

Our group arrived all set for an afternoon of healthy, challenging fun on the range of climbing based activities at the Clip N Climb centre. After a full briefing from the instructors the children were geared up and then introduced to each of the climbing elements in turn, amongst them a colourful skyscraper climbing wall, a speed climbing challenge, light up checkerboard walls. And, for those feeling brave enough, there was the Leap of Faith! The goal of the Leap of Faith is to climb up the very high central pole and onto the jump platform, from where you leap out to catch hold of a trapeze (or you miss it and are gently lowered to the ground by the state-of-the-art auto belay device).

speed climbing challenge

As we found out, climbing is a physically and mentally challenging sport, which makes you works all your muscle groups along with your flexibility, agility and concentration. As they were introduced to each element, some of the children couldn’t wait to get started whilst others were understandably a little more nervous. Despite that, each child rose to their own personal challenge and everyone finished the day with a happy smile and that lovely feeling of being pleased with what they had accomplished.

climbing climbing wall