Cumbria Office Halloween Party

cumbriaahlloweenThe children and the fostering team in our Cumbria office celebrated Halloween together with a fun filled, spooky day.

Everyone arrived dressed up in their spookiest costumes and started off with a bit of art and craft as the children designed their own Halloween decorations for the wish tree, and created their own ghoulish decorations out of kitchen roll tubes. Once the hall was decorated with the handcrafted mummies, Frankensteins and bats everyone replenished their energy with a lovely party lunch, so they had plenty of energy for the Halloween disco. Everyone played some very seasonal party games like pin the bow on the skeleton and pin the spider on the web.

spookyboxWe had a mystery box filled with Witches tongues, eyeballs, brains, and some other disgusting things, - eeeewwww! - and a treasure hunt to find a special Halloween prize! The children, carers, and staff all had a spooktacular time!