Doncaster Family Christmas Bash

Family Fostercare Doncaster’s Christmas Party on 22nd December at the Pickburn Arms was a fun, energetic, rowdy, Ring a Ding Sing Along success!

All the region’s foster families and staff arrived at the Pickburn Arms in Doncaster for an unforgettable afternoon of festive fun on 22nd December, complete with Karaoke, dancing, face-painting and of course, a visit from Santa!

Perhaps not surprisingly the singing started off a little tentatively, but once one brave soul had vowed “I Will Survive” and took the plunge to be first up on the karaoke it sparked a positive Bohemian Rhapsody of Sweet Carolines, Delilahs, My Ways and Total Eclipses of the Heart for the rest of the afternoon!


A little bit of Christmas-themed face painting helped everyone get into the spirit for the party games and prizes were given out to the winner of the musical statues, the singing competition and to - my favourite category - the “Most Energetic Dancer” boy and girl!

Santa and his Elf arrived and chatted with each child about their Christmas wishes and gave each of them a little pre-Christmas gift. Then to everyone’s delight and amusement, both Santa and his Elf joined in with the singing and dancing!! Who knew Santa got moves?!

After all that fun everyone was delighted to sit down together for a chat and laughs whilst enjoying the splendid Christmas buffet and drinks, and to make a toast for a Merry Christmas and a most excellent New Year!