Doncaster Office Family Day Out

A total of 13 children and 13 foster carers joined the Doncaster office fostering team for a day of fun and antics at the wildlife park on 9th August.

Everyone very much enjoyed seeing all the animals, some of which seemed to be more than happy to pose for the camera!

giraffes posing for picture

But we all agreed that it was the polar bears who stole the show. We stayed for ages watching them swimming, where being able to see them not just from above the water but from the underwater view too was a rare treat that left everyone in awe of their size, splendour and power.

The children had plenty of fun in the play areas, and we all enjoyed sharing a relaxed picnic together at lunch-time and of course the odd ice-cream to keep us well fuelled and full of energy too.

The mood was as warm, bright and breezy as the weather, which made for a lovely big family day out together.