Family Fostercare on Safari

Family Fostercare staff, their families and our foster carers and their families were on safari at West Midlands Safari Park earlier this month on our annual FFC West Midlands Family Day Trip. And as you can see from some of the snaps they took, to say it was a great opportunity for everyone to get up close and personal with the animals is definitely no exaggeration!


camel at car window
Nasty Spitting Incident Potential : Maximum Alert!



zebra closeup


For once the mercurial English weather worked in our favour! The very rainy morning meant that all the animals were up wandering about rather than basking in the sun or taking shade, so much to the children's delight, we all got to see loads of different animals. By lunchtime the rain had dried up enough for us to enjoy a great big picnic together before hitting the rides.


Compare the meerkat...



Hippos relaxing in the pool!



granville on bug ride
Granville getting dizzy on the bug ride with his two of his granddaughters



Tracey and Jackie
Our very lovely Tracey and our very lovely Jackie


One of the families who joined us for the day was a foster carer in the process of transferring to Family Fostercare. She sent us this lovely note after the day:

"Just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you all for inviting us to the Safari Park we had a great day S and C really enjoyed themselves and went round the fair several times enjoying all the rides.

You are all so friendly helpful and generous and I cannot wait to be a part of your team."


Getting this feedback made us all feel so warm and fuzzy - and yes, slightly proud of ourselves - that we couldn't resist sharing! When Family Fostercare was first formed, we set out to be 'the friendly fostering agency with a family-feel'. Now, nearly 8 years and several more offices down the line, it seems we are still staying true to the core values that our agency was first built around, a real achievement.


We also received this lovely card from one of our foster families to say thank you for the trip: