Family Fostercare Win Fostering Tender

Our directors and our West Midlands fostering team are proud to announce that we were successful in joining the Worcester and Herefordshire Tender.

Being one of the approved fostering providers allows us to continue to support the Local Authorities to keep local children in local foster homes, helping them to maintain important relationships and some stability during a difficult time.

The Fostering Network estimates that there is an urgent need for 9,000 more foster carers in the UK in 2014. This shortage means that children are too often being moved a long way from home. They are sometimes split up from their brothers and sisters, and their family and friends. You only need to imagine for 5 minutes how that would feel as a child in that situation to understand the importance of finding and training more foster carers from within our community, so that every child has the best chance of finding a foster family in their own town or county who can meet their specific needs.

Paul Tomlinson, recently appointed Fostering Manager of the West Midlands office, explains, "The more people who are approved as foster carers, the more likely it is that a good match can be found for a child in terms of location, culture, lifestyle, language and interests. We just need to keep working hard to spread the word about fostering so we can find as many new foster carers as possible. And of course we need to stay committed to providing the best care, training and support for our existing foster carers so that they can continue to do their remarkable, vital work for our community's children."

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