FFC Joins Bedford Council Appeal for Foster Parents

Bedford Borough Council launched a local appeal today for more people to come forward as foster carers, especially for teenagers. And Family Fostercare are adding their voice to that appeal.

fostering teensLast year foster homes were found for 142 children in the county, but there are still a significant number of teenagers in particular who are still looking for a foster family.

Fostering teenagers can be hugely rewarding

As part of the appeal, an experienced foster parent to teenagers says: “Fostering teens can be hugely beneficial because you can reason with them. I have fostered a broad spectrum of children and I can honestly say that the most rewarding placements I have had have been teenagers.”

Family Fostercare welcomes this appeal for more foster carers in Bedfordshire, and for people to come forward to foster, especially to foster teenagers. Regional Fostering Manager for Family Fostercare in the East Midlands, Terri Walker explains: “There is a widespread need for foster carers for the more difficult children to place, which sadly tend to be boys over 8, sibling groups, and teenagers of both genders. We work with Bedford Council to find suitable foster homes for all the county’s fostered children, but they frequently turn to us to help find homes for those children who do experience greater difficulty finding a suitable placement.”

Fostering with an Independent Foster Agency

Local Authorities often turn to independent foster agencies (IFA) like Family Fostercare to help them find homes for the more difficult children to place, and there is a general perception that because of this fostering for an IFA is more challenging. Whilst this can sometimes be the case, children don’t always struggle to find a foster home because of their behaviour. Often it is ‘just because’. Just because they are over 12. Just because they are a boy. Just because they need to stay with their brothers and sisters. In any case, the fact that Family Fostercare foster carers are there for children when so many others were not is reflected in the quality of training, the level of support and the fostering fee we provide.

If you would like to know more about becoming a foster carer and the benefits of fostering with Family Fostercare then please apply today or call Terri for a friendly chat.