Fire Safety Participation Day

firesafetyIn the run up to the second most hectic week of the year for kids (second only to Christmas week), the children from FFC Cumbria enjoyed a Fire Safety Participation Day.

On 27th October, volunteers from Cumbria Fire and Rescue kindly came and spoke to the children about being safe on Halloween and bonfire night. Although the message is an extremely important one at this time of year there was lots of fun for the children too. They were given fire engines pictures to colour in, and they all played some fun fire-themed games and played in the park.

In our experience, thinking about Bonfire Night inevitably leads to thoughts about Christmas, so the Cumbria team embraced the inevitable and used up the rest of the children's creative energy by giving them the opportunity to work on their Christmas card designs for this year's Design Our Christmas Card competition.

Our thanks to Cumbria Fire and Rescue for helping deliver the important message about safety in such a fun and engaging way.