Foster Carers Awarded MBEs

Congratulations to the 11 foster carers who were recognised and awarded MBEs in the New Year’s Honours List. It is fantastic to see fostering being recognised in this way, as a valuable service to young people and the community.

According to the honours system recognises people who’ve made great achievements in public life and people who’ve committed themselves to serving Britain.  People receiving honorary awards like the MBE will “usually have made life better for people less able to help themselves”. It is also awarded for local “hands-on” service which stands out as an example to other people.

So we think it is apt that this year, with more young people entering the care system than ever before, 11 foster carers have been awarded MBEs for their work with looked-after children.  Not only is this a reflection of their hard work, commitment and dedication, but it shows recognition and reaffirmation of the value of fostering to our communities and our country.

Congratulations to:
Mr Charles Bottomley, MBE; Mrs Patricia Bottomley, MBE; Mrs Jacqueline Franklin, MBE; Mr John Franklin, MBE; Mr Anthony Hiles, MBE; Mrs Muriel Hiles, MBE; Mr Philip Hopkins, MBE; Mrs Wendy Hopkins, MBE; Mrs Molly Morris, MBE; Mr William Morris, MBE; Mrs Maureen Simpson.