Fostering and the Arts

FCF2015 logo day2#FCF2015 Issue of the Day: Fostering and the Arts

Today’s #FCF2015 theme is “fostering and the arts” so what better opportunity to talk about some of the ways Family Fostercare has used art to engage children, help them learn and express themselves.

In 2014 we held a very successful arty consultation day with a “Staying Safe” theme for the children which proved such a success we are using it as a model for many more themed consultation days.

“Wait! What’s a consultation day?”

One of Family Fostercare’s goals is to be a fostering agency that is shaped by the needs of the children and foster families we work with. Instead of making everyone fit in with our way of working, we fit our way of working around the people who use our service – simple, right?

Consultation days are one of the ways we do that. We gather everyone together and do something fun together whilst chatting things over, sharing information and ideas. Consultation days are a great way to give everyone the opportunity to talk about what they like and what they don’t like quite so much, and together we often come up with ways we could do what we do even better.

Children’s Art Consultation Day

Pam Buck, a local artist in North East Lincolnshire helped us with the day, working with the children to help them develop their artistic skills around the theme of staying safe. The children all worked together on a huge sheet showing us what they knew about how to keep safe and who helps them to keep safe.

staying safe sheet 2

The children also took part in a competition by making their own anti-bullying poster, and an award was presented to the winner by the directors of Family Fostercare. We found that all the children really enjoyed getting involved in the creative process, and it really helped them to express themselves in their own individual ways.

Many of our children are currently involved in artistic endeavours, from appearing in school and stage school plays and singing in choirs, to taking part in our annual Design Our Christmas card competition by submitting pictures and poems. 

Could You Be An Arty Foster Carer?!

Art has long been valued as a therapeutic tool, and we have witnessed for ourselves, many times, how inspiring getting involved in art, music, drama and dance can be for children – especially teenagers – who are trying to cope with difficult emotions and situations.

Do you have a passion for art, music, drama or dance and for making a difference to children’s lives? Perhaps you could turn your passion into a source of inspiration for young people as a foster carer? Apply to foster today to find out more.