Gone Fishing : Changing Lives Through Fostering Series


FAMILY FOSTERCARE EAST MIDLANDS: JI one of our foster children has become a very keen fisherman. He has come a long way since he was placed with his foster family, having come from a past of being involved with guns to his new found hobby of fishing.

Recently, through a teacher contact at school, he was asked to become involved in helping out with a fishing activity one Sunday for disabled people. J was able to help them set up their fishing equipment, teach them about fishing and helped them watch for, and (on occasion) even catch fish!

The experience has helped to raise J's self esteem, through helping others. He is now also doing really well at school where he attends regularly and is well liked.

J’s teachers, carers and our fostering agency are very proud of how far he has come and of what he has achieved. The help and encouragement of J's foster carers has been invaluable. They have enabled J to enjoy his fishing by transportiing him to various fishing locations, and, by taking the opportunity to spend quality time together doing an activity of J's choosing, the foster family has formed a stronger bond in the process.

Well done J!

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