Hand Quilted Blankets for our Foster Children

projectlinusuk blankets large

There's nothing cosier than snuggling up at home with a handmade quilt. Now, thanks to Project Linus, our foster children will know that feeling too when they receive their very own quilt in their Welcome Box when they come to Family Fostercare

Project Linus is a worldwide organisation of big-hearted volunteers who make homemade quilts for sick and traumatised children. The charity was founded over 20 years ago in the USA, and it has grown to have branches all over the world. Project Linus UK began in March 2000, with the noble aim of bringing comfort and support to vulnerable children. Through the hard work and skill of the large network of volunteers all over the country, a whopping 2000 quilts are made each month and delivered to children in particular need or distress. That's a lot of quilts, and there's a lot of love stitched into each and every one of them.

Family Fostercare Family Workers Jackie J and Tracey met with Joy, Project Linus' West Midlands coordinator recently at their annual sewing day in Solihull, and they had to opportunity to meet some of the amazing people who volunteer their time to such a fantastic, heart-warming cause. They came away with a bundle of beautiful quilts and lots of ideas of how Family Fostercare could help support this wonderful charity in return.

When a child comes to Family Fostercare to live with one of our foster families they receive a Welcome Box, which includes lots of information, some useful gifts, and our special teddy Humphrey along with a copy of our beautifully illustrated book 'Humphrey Joins a Foster Family'. Now, thanks to Project Linus UK, our Welcome Boxes will also include a beautifully hand crafted quilt which we hope will help every child to feel warm, safe and cosy in their new foster home, and will help to remind them that there are a great many people out there who value them and are sending them their love. We can't thank Project Linus enough!

If you are interested in finding out more about Project Linus and how you could get involved there's lots of information on their website projectlinusuk.org.uk or you can connect with Project Linus on Facebook.

And don't worry if you can't sew for toffee - there are lots of ways you can help including donating quilting supplies (cotton fabric, wadding, thread etc.), or by donating partmade quilts or blocks or by giving any unwanted gifts or items as raffle prizes, helping Project Linus to generate funds to keep up their wonderful work.