Meet Our CEOP Ambassador

"I completed my training, which was a train the trainer course, in August, and now, as our CEOP Ambassador I have access to a wide range of knowledge, information, resources and training courses to help our young people understand how to keep themselves safe from exploitation and harm in the real world and online.

"I love using my CEOP Ambassador training in my work as a Family Support Worker with Family Fostercare. I do a lot of work with the children and young people, arranging activities, workshops and forums for example, and I took the lead in establishing our Children’s Council in the West Midlands which gives the older children an opportunity to have their say on the issues important to them.

"Although I am based in the West Midlands region, a big part of my role as CEOP Ambassador is stay up-to-date with CEOP news and safeguarding industry developments, and very importantly to keep abreast of the online safeguarding challenges that exist for children and young people today. I then share this information and resources made available to me through ThinkUKnow and CEOP with my FFC colleagues, foster carers and children around the country.

"My aim as CEOP Ambassador at Family Fostercare is to ensure that we provide an excellent standard of support and advice for our children and foster carers on how to keep young people safe from exploitation and harm online. I see online safeguarding as one of the biggest challenges that foster carers face today, especially as looked-after children are even more vulnerable than most children to the risks online – from cyberbullying and depression fuelled by social media to unplanned contact, grooming and manipulation. I am really excited to be a central part of how our foster agency helps to protect children against harm, abuse and exploitation, by empowering young people with the knowledge they need to become active guardians of their own safety and wellbeing."

Are you concerned about how to keep your children safe

Tracey recommends the following resources where you can find lots more information, updates and advice on all matters to do with safeguarding online and protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation: