Ofsted Registration for Karen

ofsted-logoWe are very happy to share the news that Karen Gill-Rummens is now the officially registered manager of Family Fostercare in Yorkshire.

The Ofsted registration is great news for everyone attached to our Yorkshire office, based in Beverley. Karen has an impressive track record of leading fostering teams to deliver outstanding services for fostered children and their foster carers, and she is very keen and committed to doing the same with the Family Fostercare team in Yorkshire.

The registered manager is responsible for the overall day-to-day running of an Ofsted registered fostering agency. Registered managers are assessed by Ofsted for their suitability to lead a fostering service. Karen's successful registration means that Ofsted believe she is a suitable person for ensuring our fostering service in Yorkshire is managed ethically, effectively and efficiently. As do we!

Karen and her team in Yorkshire embody the Family Fostercare ethos brilliantly, running an 'open door' office where everyone with an interest in fostering with us is welcome to drop in for a relaxed, honest and friendly chat about what it takes to foster a child in Yorkshire. So please feel free to call in, give them a call on 01482 870400 or ping us an online fostering enquiry and they'll be in touch.

2015 promises to be a great year for Family Fostercare Yorkshire, and Karen and the team hope to place many more children into stable, nurturing and supportive foster families. Could your family be one of them?