School's Out Week One!


Family Fostercare Yorkshire has been keeping the children busy during the first week of the school summer holidays. We have enjoyed a day at the park, arts and crafts and we've been keeping healthy with a day of exercising!

fun in the park

Day 1: Fun in the Park
Everyone had a fab time in the great outdoors, playing in the park, climbing on the rocks and up trees. The kids all enjoyed a picnic then a look around the animals.

arts craft

Day 2: Fun at the Office
Time for us to get all arty and crafty! The children had great fun designing pictures of things they like to do on holiday. All the holiday talk and creative expression had got us all feeling so happy we decided to share the mood by making flowers for the office window to make everyone smile as they walked past!


Day 3: Fit Club
We hired the local scout hut and everyone came along for a day of fun and exercise. We eased into the day with a nice relaxing Pilates class. All the children joined in and had a go at some of the trickier moves. We refueled with a healthy packed lunch before taking Fit Club outside where we all took on the challenge of the obstacle courses. And the very last bit of energy we had was all used up at the final activity of the day, a boxing lesson. All the children loved this class and found it loads of fun.

Roll on next week, with some more fun activities planned!