Walking With Giants : Changing Lives Through Fostering Series

mccaws articleimageWALKING WITH GIANTS

FAMILY FOSTERCARE EAST MIDLANDS: R and G are two brothers who live with our foster carers in the East Midlands. They recently took part in a school activity called “Walking with Giants”. This involved designing and making a giant McCaw which was a really really big challenge for two little boys to attempt to design and put together. This meant that they had to work together, along with other children, as part of a team to finish their design. They then had to put their creation on sticks to enable them to parade it through the streets, where they were joined by other schools and community projects in the area.

They were also asked to design their own T-shirts, wear headbands and paint their faces to join in the parade, and as if that wasn’t enough, walk and play drums at the same time. No mean feat for anyone!

For many children, taking part in an event like this may not mean much, but for these two little boys preparing and participating in this event has really given them immense confidence and a sense of achievement. For the first time in their lives they feel safe and are experiencing a childhood where they are sensitively supported to pursue their interests and get involved in their community.

Their foster parents and Family Fostercare are very proud of what they have achieved and how far they have come.

Well done boys!

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