Winners of Our Raffle in Aid of Project Linus

Family Fostercare foster carers Pam Hayes and Rob Henton were delighted and surprised recently to hear that they were the lucky winners of this beautiful hand-crafted Project Linus quilt in our recent fundraiser raffle in aid of the Project Linus organisation.

Project Linus is a volunteer organisation of quilters whose aim is to bring a sense of security and comfort to sick or traumatised children by giving them their very own handmade quilt or crocheted blanket to cuddle up in. Last year Family Fostercare and Project Linus linked up and we are incredibly lucky to now include a lovely Project Linus handmade quilt in the Welcome Box we give to each and every child when they first come into foster care with us. The Project Linus / Family Fostercare relationship is incredibly important to us – after all, what could possibly express our ‘family-feel’ ethos better than a lovingly hand sewn blankie! And FFC is important to Project Linus too, as we help them get their wonderful gifts right into the hands of children at the time in their life when they are most in need of warmth, security and comfort it brings.

So recently we decided to do something to give a little back to Project Linus by organising a fundraiser raffle to win the quilt pictured above. Chris Morgan, Registered Manager of our West Midlands did the honours of pulling the winning ticket out of the hat, and Tracey Lewis delivered the quilt to the winning foster carers a few days later. Although the quilt had been on display at the Beech Bank office, Pam and Rob hadn’t had chance to see it, having just bought the ticket to support the very worthwhile cause. So when they saw the quilt they were absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was and by the quality of the work. They told Tracey that the colour is a perfect fit for their bedroom colour scheme, and that they planned to one day hand it down to their granddaughter when she was old enough to really appreciate it.

Our thanks go to everyone who bought a ticket. The raffle raised a fantastic £235 for Project Linus, which was proudly delivered to their West Midlands Coordinator recently.

Congratulations Pam and Rob, we hope you, your granddaughter and the rest of the family enjoy plenty of snuggles under your beautiful new quilt this winter!