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Comic Class

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This event was aimed at using children’s imaginations to create and design their own comic characters - this was carried out by a very special guest!

Children aged between 5 and 17 years old met at Top Barn that was set up to welcome the children. Resources were already laid out on the table ready to start, such as work sheets, pens and paper as well as drinks of squash and the session was run by the remarkable Karen Rubins, who is experienced in comic writing and illustrations.

Karen started with an activity so the children could get to know each other. Not everyone had met before so they were encouraged to chat to their partners about who they were. They had to find out their names, ages, favourite foods, films and books and if they had any pets. Then they were all asked to draw their partner and incorporate all of their favourite things in the picture. They had only five minutes to draw the picture and were encouraged to not worry about making mistakes.

The next activity involved creating a super hero. Children were given a sheet of paper with prompts on such as ‘super hero name’, ‘super power’ and ‘gadgets’ and in their pairs they had to use their imaginations to create their own super hero. We then had a discussion about these and all the children came up with a team name for their super heroes.

The next task involved the children drawing the super hero they had created. They were provided with templates for the type of person they were creating, for example, male, female, skinny or muscly. The children spent quite a while on this activity and enjoyed creating their super heroes. Some children went on to create a villain after they had created their super heroes and used pens and pencils to colour and decorate them.

This was a fantastic afternoon allowing the children to be creative and imaginative , and gain an insight into a possible career!

Yet another fun activity planned for by our staff, wonder what next week has instore…

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