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The Children’s Council and Indoor Climbing!

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The Childrens Council listend to a talk from Jake Price from The Heart of Worcester College followed by an hour of indoor rock climbing! 

The Children’s Council was for children aged 11+ followed by an hour of indoor rock climbing for children aged 5 – 17 years.

For the Children’s Council, it was arranged that Jake Price from The Heart of Worcester College would come and talk to the children about options for after they leave school such as college courses and apprenticeships. This was followed by a discussion about group rules for the following council’s and ideas for future activities at Family Fostercare.

Jake started by introducing himself to the group and explained that he worked at The Heart of Worcester College. He asked each of the children what they wanted to do after they left school. Several of the children had ideas of what career they wanted to go into such as mechanics, computing or catering.

Jake discussed the difference between a college course and an apprenticeship and explained that with a course you would be at college most of the time whereas an apprenticeship you would mostly learn whilst working on the job. Jake discussed that apprenticeships were a good option if you struggled to concentrate in a classroom environment.

After Jake had left, the council discussed some group rules for future council’s going forward as we were a new group. The rules that the group came up with are as follows –

  • We must take it in turns to speak
  • We must not swear
  • Let everyone speak
  • Be kind – no fighting
  • There are no wrong answers
  • Stay happy, have fun

After, the group discussed what activities they would like to see in the future at Family Fostercare.  The children came up a lot of really good ideas. These included; Football tournamet, Horse riding, Foot Golf, Go Ape, Kayaking and many more.

After the Children’s Council we met the other children who were participating in the climbing and put harnesses and helmets on ready to climb. The children were split into two groups with an instructor for each group. They were asked to work in pairs where there would be one climbing and the other holding or ‘belaying’ the rope. The children who weren’t climbing were all very supportive and encouraging and were cheering each other on when they reached a certain point on the wall.

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The instructors catered for all ages and abilities within the group as they provided different difficulty levels of climb and one young person even climbed the wall blind folded to give the extra challenge!! After the climbing, the children were given 10 minutes on the bouldering section where they were allowed to climb without ropes or harnesses.


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This was a fabulous day for all, thanks to the children, carers, Jake and the staff for making such a great day!! We cant wait to see what is to come for the future activities!!! 

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