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Sharon Batchelor

Regional Manager

Family Fostercare Worcester Fostering Team

I am Regional Manager for Family Fostercare in the West Midlands, which incorporates our offices in Worcester and Dudley.

I joined Family Fostercare in February 2018 having worked as a manager since 2001 in various social care settings. My professional career started within the criminal justice system with adults, however I soon realised that early positive interventions in children’s lives could significantly improve their life chances and I then directed my attention to working with children and young people. When an opportunity was presented to me to develop remand fostering for young people at risk of custody I was really pleased to be involved in influencing court outcomes. This sparked my interest in becoming involved with fostering services and since 2015 I have since dedicated my working career to fostering.

I am very passionate about improving outcomes for children and have a proven track record of setting up and managing a range of multi-agency social care teams within Children’s services across the West Midlands. I was drawn to Family Fostercare because of its keen focus on working closely with families and family ethos. I’m a committed and dedicated team member with significant experience in leading and managing change and I look forward to developing the West Midlands’ team.

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