Fostering allowances

We know how hard foster carers work, and how much time and energy they devote to the children they care for.

So Family Fostercare offers allowances that are generous and extremely competitive with other independent agencies and local authorities.

There is currently no national system for regulating payment schemes to foster carers, and each agency decides on its own payment structure. As a foster carer with Family Fostercare you would be self-employed and you would earn a weekly allowance while you have a child or young person in your care. Allowances vary depending upon the type and extent of care needed. The allowance covers the child’s basic needs and includes something towards utilities and maintaining your home. It also includes a fee for the care you provide. Additional allowances may be paid at the child’s birthday, major festivals like Christmas, family holidays and other special times of the year. Other discretionary allowances can be paid for a child’s particular needs – additional travel expenses, clothing or specialist equipment, for example.