Investors In People

Recognition of our commitment to everyone in the Family Fostercare family

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In June 2015 Family Fostercare was successfully inspected by Investors In People and awarded the prestigious Investors In People accreditation.


The inspection looked at Family Fostercare as a whole, across all our regional offices, and considered how we work together, communicate, plan and support each other as a team working towards a common goal of delivering a first class fostering service with a family feel.

What is 'Investors In People'?

Investors in People makes people management excellence count. They exist to help businesses realise the potential of their people, improve standards and gain the accreditation to prove it. Through the respected Standard, business insight and the IIP bank of tools and resources, organisations of all shapes and sizes can put their people first – and discover a brighter business future. Over the last 20 years, IIP has helped more than 100,000 businesses around the world improve, using their Accreditation Framework to boost working culture, increase employee engagement and encourage game-changing leadership.

Highlights from our Investors In People Report

"The family feel and team ethic was reflected strongly..."

"The friendly, positive, supportive, integrated work ethic and team culture is reflected in the styles, skills and behaviours in supporting and motivating people."

"People feel valued and appreciated for their efforts most importantly through thanks and praise for their work and doing the extra when needed, which has a big impact."

"The caring and supportive, flexible approach is helping people when they need it with regard to their health and personal and family circumstances, and work-life balance. The culture is non-hierarchical."

"There is a 'can do' approach and culture apparent, which managers encourage."

"Management actively encourage people to use their initiative and take responsibility, and build on people's strengths."

"Management have some excellent leadership and people skills."

"Managers are good communicators and engage with people and ask their ideas and opinions if things will work better."

"People have a sense of pride and ownership and commitment in doing the best they can, and described how they do this, which reflects the Statement of Purpose."

"There is a team-managed approach and being caring and supportive with each other."

"People work well together and know each other's strengths and work to them."

"Induction for new people is really supportive, which reflects the culture well, with everyone being friendly and helpful in a relaxed atmosphere."

"There are good examples of gradually coaching and developing less experienced people and helping them out as much as possible."

"The working relationships with the Fostering Panels, foster carers and children is very good."

"There is good connectivity with foster carers with very good induction and training."

Excerpts taken from Investors in People assessment report, Jeff Law (Assessor), 25th June 2015


If you are interesting in furthering your career with a Family Fostercare, please take a look at our jobs section. If you would like to start or continue your fostering journey as a foster carer you can apply for more information here.