Easter Egg Olympics in Cumbria

decorated eggsAll the children from our Cumbria office joined the fostering team for a gruelling schedule of events at our Easter Egg Olympics participation day!

It was a fun-packed day of Easter themed activities, starting with some Easter word searches and Easter themed party games before a good lunch.

After lunch it was time for the children to let out all that creative energy by decorating their own Easter egg. The plan was that the decorated eggs would be used in our Easter Egg Olympics, but the children all did such a lovely job decorating their eggs that we didn't have the heart to let their creations be destroyed, so backup eggs were called in!

After the creative energy had been all spent up it was time for some exercise as everyone took part in the Easter Egg Olympics! We all enjoyed taking part in a Triathlon of Easter themed sporting events, including a race to see who could get their egg to the finish line using only a straw, and of course the obligatory Egg & Spoon race and an Easter Egg Hunt!

A great day - and plenty of chocolate! - was had by all! In fact we were all having so much fun (and chocolate) that we forgot to get many snaps - ooops!