Inspired to Help?

Every now and then something comes along to inspire us all over again in our work with fostered young people.

This time it’s a short film made by John Denver and Brenda Hook, both care leavers from Bristol, through the amazing Fixers UK project.

In the film John and Brenda talk about being teased and excluded by other children at school just because they were in care. We have so much respect for John and Brenda who are both doing something so positive and proactive with their experiences. Yet we can’t help but feel, all over again, that sense of enormous injustice that young people already going through such terrible upset in their lives often also have to deal with being bullied about it.

It is exactly this sense of injustice that keeps us dedicated to finding and training the very best foster families for young people in care. These are young people that have already experienced some of the worst that life can throw at a person, so only the best carers - the best listeners, the best at understanding without judgement, the best at providing gentle guidance to help them deal with the challenges past and present – will do for them now.

So thank you John Denver and Brenda Hook for inspiring us all over again.

Have you been inspired to help? Could you be there to listen to, talk to, guide and care for a young person perhaps facing bullying and exclusion at school as well as separation from their family? Could you provide a safe, caring, stable home for a young person in Bristol and the South West? If you think you could, please get in touch.