Foster Families Summer BBQ

granville pinny
It's true - these pictures of our splendid Summer BBQ on 19th August are a bit late making it to the website... but we've only just got over the sight of Granville barbequing in a pinny under a pink umbrella!

As usual the Great British Summer had some surprises in store for us all on the day of the Summer BBQ at Beech Bank, going from beautiful sunshine to pouring rain with barely a moments notice, but in true Brit style we carried on regardless and had a fantastic day!

The office and garden was packed with foster families and team members from our Worcester and Dudley offices, and as you can see, there was loads to see, lots to do and plenty to eat:


There was arts and crafts for the children, a chance for some of our budding young artists to show us what they can do:

art 1

Nothing like glitter, glue and glitter glue to entertain the kids!

art 2

We love this painting!

There were some wierd and wonderful creatures from around the world to meet:


OK, this one's not so wierd although still very wonderful. If you want wierd, how about this?:


I don't know what it is except that it's 100% real and 100% larger than any amphibian has a right to be! Eeeewww!


And there were tigers... Wait, no, this was the facepainting! There were some seriously awesome - and gruesome - designs on display:


The FFC team all really enjoyed the day too:

jackie necklace

Jackie (Fostering Admin) was showing off her new necklace (Ummm... it's... errr... lovely Jackie!), and almost everyone was on their best behaviour, except Chris (Registered Manager) who was caught red handed trying to make off with the mustard. (Shame on you Chris!):


So as you can see, a great day was had by all. We're all really looking foward to doing it all again next year - although we may get Granville a different brolly!