Summer BBQ at Beech Bank

Now the weather has turned decidedly Autumnal and Summer seems like a dim and distant memory, what better, we thought, than to share some pics of our annual BBQ at Beech Bank on August 23rd.

There was a fantastic turnout with over 60 people including staff and foster carers and their families, and some new families in the process of joining us, coming along to share the day together. But perhaps the greatest turnout of all was the sun! In a rare gesture of benevolence the Great British weather to decided to play along and the day turned out to be one the nicest days of the whole year! (So no need for Granville's pink brolly this year!)

Granville was of course IC BBQ, and we all enjoyed a grand spread of salads, mostly provided by our resident domestic goddess herself, Mary Groves (who also whips up a delicious pumpkin soup as I am lead to believe, although sadly I can't speak from experience having not had the pleasure of trying any.... yet!).

There was plenty to keep the children entertained while the adults 'mingled', including a petting zoo, facepainting, garden games and lovely messy play craft activities. The good weather meant the adults could sit outside and soak up the rays while the kids had a ball running in and out. It all made for a really lovely family day of getting together and building relationships - exactly what Family Fostercare is all about. Enjoy the pics!


We're going to need a few more burgers Granville!
A lovely Summer spread
Beautiful facepainting
Garden games
Ophidiophobics look away now!
Only the cutest mini hedgehog ever!!!