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Fostering Blog

Thoughts, insights, advice and the odd rant and ramble from the Family Fostercare team on our favourite topic - fostering and becoming a foster carer.

What It Takes to be a Good Foster Carer - Part 2

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Tracey Lewis, Family Support Worker in our Dudley office believes that being able to look through the behaviour and see the child inside is crucial for foster carers of older children.

What It Takes to be a Good Foster Carer - Part 1

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"What It Takes to be a Good Foster Carer" according to Matthew, 13, birth child of Family Fostercare foster carers in Cumbria

Are You SATS About Your SATS?

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This one is for all our FFC children – fostered children, foster carers own children and children of the FFC staff team : how not to get all SATS (Stressed Anxious Tired Student) about your SATS!

Foster Care Fortnight 2016 #FCF2016

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It's Foster Care Fortnight - Time to Foster, Time to Care. In the time it takes you to read this article, one child in the UK will have been taken in to care.

Walking With Giants : Changing Lives Through Fostering Series


Real-life stories from Family Fostercare's fostering team and foster carers on how fostering changes children's lives